19-06-24 Methab Benton: Planetary Gong Soundhealing

Cosmic Mehtab

Planetary Gong Sound Healing with Mehtab and Laura Benton

Come play and learn all about the powerful Planetary Gongs that are tuned to the frequencies and energies of the planets. Mehtab Benton, a certified Vedic astrologer and the author of Gong Therapy and Astrology Yoga, combines his unique expertise to create a new learning and training experience with the Gong. In this certified training course with Mehtab and Laura, you will:

  • Discover the relationship between sound healing, the gong and astrology
  • Learn how the energies of the planets affect your health and happiness
  • Explore the healing sounds of all the Planetary Gongs
  • Understand how the Planetary Gongs are created and work with different frequencies
  • Create a planetary gong healing session based upon current astrological considerations
  • Use the practices of yoga with astrology and the gong to accelerate transformation
  • Practice playing techniques and methods to direct planetary energy through any type of Gong

Participants will receive printed materials to support them in their training.


24 June Monday starts with lunch 13.00. Lessons 14.00-18.00

25 June Tuesday 10:00-17:30 Morning yoga with Karin 7:15. Eveningactivity with Karin 19.30*

26 June Wednesday 10-17:30 Morning yoga with Karin 7.15. Eveningactivity with Karin 19.30*

27 June Thursday 9:00 Lunch 12.30 Gathering and termination 13-14:00

*for those who want to

Mehtab Benton, USA

Mehtab has played the Gong for 25 years and trained hundreds of yoga teachers and sound healers worldwide in the art and science of playing the Gong. He is the originator and author of Gong Yoga and the creator and author of Gong Therapy. He has practiced Kundalini Yoga for 45 years and is a Level 1 and Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. A practicing Vedic Astrologer, Mehtab has given over 1000 astrology readings and is the author of Astrology Yoga: Cosmic Cycles of Transformation. For more information: www.yogimehtab.com

Laura Benton (Guru Karam), USA

A Kundalini Yoga practitioner since the age of 16, Laura has trained hundreds of yoga teachers and is the co-founder of five yoga centers in Austin, Texas. A long-time gong player and teacher of Gong Yoga Nidra, she is a medically-trained Ayurvedic educator, a certified clinical hypnosis practitioner, and an advanced practice nurse. 

Laura Mehtab EARTH GONG

Investment: 7250 kr ( 694 Euro) including coursefee, hotelroom ( singleroom with shower and toilette), and vegan food.

Sign up to Karin Gibson mob:0705265374 email: karin@gibsonmusik.se